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Open Call results: Granada

We are happy to announce the selected companies for our art intervention and art lab in Granada! We received many interesting and beautiful applications and want to thank all applicants - we are sorry that the project cannot support all.

After careful deliberation we decided to select the following companies:

Art Lab Granada:

TanTonTería Teatro

TanTonTería Teatro brings together two gestural actors from different parts of Spain. They soon discovered a common interest: to make people laugh. With this clear objective in mind, they began to create small and quick-fire clown gags that won the audience's laughter.

Laughter, emotion and fusion of gestural and textual techniques are mixed in an exciting cocktail with which they seek to make the world a better place.

They currently have three shows on tour: Gruñidos (puppet and object show), Tiempos Viejos (clown, gestural comedy) and La Vida es Cuento (object theatre).

The company was born in 2017, since then they have toured with their shows in important theatre events and performing arts festivals in Spain: Jornadas Siglo de Oro de Almería, Clásicos en Alcalá 2019, 37 Festival Teatro Málaga, Festival de Títeres Úbeda, Zarautz (Donostia) o La Térmica (Málaga).

Always with the aim of making spectators have a good time, awakening curiosity and the desire to live new experiences.

Art Intervention Granada

DIASPORA (antagon theaterAKTion)

DIASPORA stages the conflicts of classic tragedian Euripides’ “The Trojan Women”, who suffer under the aftermaths of war, occupation and loss. Through physical theatre, live music, video projections and a sculptural set design, the lives of these women are transposed to the year 2022.

Our artistic questions were: Who are these women today? How would Euripides describe in our time the unspeakably horrific effects of war on those who do not fight in it - innocent women, children and the elderly? Thus, DIASPORA seeks to call to mind the experiences of refugees, victims of war and oppressed minorities around the world.

The idea for the performance stems from a period of research within the project 'Reconnect – Dance and theatre in dialogue with the global south', supported by Creative Erasmus+ as a collaboration with the partners: antagon theaterAKTion and protagon international performing arts (both Germany), Ondadurto Teatro (Italy) and Dorea Educational Institute (Cyprus).

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