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Open Call

Art Intervention Granada

We are looking for promising productions from the field of performing arts, theatre and dance by emerging local and international artists which are either already designed for public space or can be easily adapted to local conditions.


The performance should use artistic tools and forms of expression in order to create new and different perspectives and evoke dialogue and discussion in and about public space.


We live in a time of change, whose manifold crises keep asking us the question: How do we want to live? With "Common Ground" we want to shift the focus back to our immediate surroundings, the city, the village, the landscape that sustains us and ask: What can we do, now and here? It is time for us to return to our connection to our living space, to see ourselves again as rooted and connected beings, and to enter into dialogue with each other about reclaiming and reshaping this common public space


The show will take place, within the framework of FEX Festival Granada, on 29/06/23 in the esplanade of the Palacio de Congresos at 22.00. The FEX is a fiesta of the living arts, an extension of the Festival de Granada which transforms the city into an amazing stage of unique emotions and experiences.




The call will be open from its publication on 20/02/23 until 05/03/23. The results will be published on 15/03/23 here and on the website of the Centro de Formación Escénica de Andalucía.

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Art Intervention Granada
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