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We live in a time of change, whose manifold crises keep asking us the question: How do we want to live?

With "Common Ground" we want to shift the focus back to our immediate surroundings, the city, the village, the landscape that sustains us and ask: What can we do, now and here?

It is time for us to return to our connection to our living space, to see ourselves again as rooted and connected beings, and to enter into dialogue with each other about reclaiming and reshaping this common public space.

The project aims to use the means of expressive arts and theatre to create these dialog spaces.


Key terms: crisis resilience / local empowerment / transnational change networks

Common Ground unites four established and experienced players of the European Cultural Creative Sector (and two Junior partners with specific tasks), bringing together decades of experience with performing arts in public space and theatre education with local communities and vulnerable groups.

They have set for themselves the following tasks:

-establish, over the course of two years, an intensive cross-border cooperation project
characterized by trust, mutual knowledge exchange and growth


-engage with four European local communities in a deep, locally rooted, and meaningful way through a process facilitated the by tools of theatre education and expressive arts in public space. Restore public space as a place for democratic dialogue. Empowering the population to become local agents of change

-contribute to the recovery and future resilience of the cultural creative sector by enabling eight promising emerging artists to share their work and enhance their skills in dialogue with local audience

-spread and disseminate the results and insights gained throughout the project in a way that can reverberate far beyond the direct scope of activities

Activities include: Workshops, Laboratories and Residencies, Symposia, Artistic presentations/events in public space, elaboration of manuals and video-material


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