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Open Call results Art Lab Frankfurt

We are happy to announce the selected artists for the Common ground Art Lab in Frankfurt in January 2024.

Artists Viviana Bovino and Raul Iaiza are going to partake in a collaborative research process hosted in the frame of Winterwerft Festival on the theme of "No Land. other Land."

The result will be premiered on 27th January in the frame of the festival. More information at

Raul Iaiza

Theatre director and pedagogue, trained as a classical musician.



Argentinean, he has been living in Italy since 1986.



He developed his musical career in the field of early choral and instrumental music, in Córdoba and Buenos Aires, with various chamber ensembles. Back in Italy, he graduated in Recorder with Maestro Pedro Memelsdorff at the Civica Scuola di Musica in Milan; and studied with Maestros Kees Boecke and Frans Brueggen at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena.



From 1999 to 2013 he was National Artistic Coordinator of Mus-e Italia Onlus, a project affiliated with the International Yehudi Menuhim Fondation, Brussels. From 2005 to 2006 he directed the Coro Hispanoamericano in Milan.



In 1994 he began his theatrical career, founding the Teatro La Madrugada. His initial training was under the guidance of Ujwal Bhole, Danio Manfredini, Maia Cornacchia and Mario Barzaghi. He directed all the company's shows until 2010: among the last ones L'Affare Danton, Erodiàs/Testori.



Since 2000 he has collaborated in various projects with Odin Teatret (Denmark): Festuge, Videvind Festival, the professional biography of Torgeir Wethal, translating essays by Eugenio Barba.



From 2000 to 2011 he was assistant director to Eugenio Barba, again at Odin Teatret, for the shows: Sale (2002), Il Sogno di Andersen (2004), Don Giovanni all'Inferno (2006) and La Vita Cronica (2011).

From 2000 to 2010 he worked on the pedagogy of training with Torgeir Wethal, co-creating Escape on Training, a work demonstration in co-production with the Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium. Escape on Training, directed by Torgeir Wethal was presented at the Grotowski Symposium (2009) among countless other occasions.


From 2007 until today, he has directed Regula contra Regulam, an Educational project of the Grotowski Institute (Wroclaw, Poland), working in pedagogical tandem with several guest masters: Torgeir Wethal, Iben Nagel Rassmussen, Else Marie Laukvik, Tage Larsen, Mario Barzaghi, Ujwal Bhole, Dawid Zakowski, Isabelle Maurel, Eliseo Parra, Gabriele Vacis, among others. Also in collaboration with the Grotowski Institute, he coordinates the research programme Regula dei Laudesi, which focuses on the connections between song, music and theatre.


Since 2010, he has been a founding member of Regula contra Regulam Teatro.

Viviana Bovino

Actress and dancer, she is the founder of the international company Residui Teatro.  In her work she crosses the bridge between dance and theatre through the constant search for principles that allow the action in movement of the holistic body.

She studies physical theatre, dance and voice with among others: Roberta Carreri, Iben Nagel Rasmussen, Julia Varley and Else Marie Laukvik (Odin Teatret- Denmark), Luis Ibar and Alma Bernal (Cartaphilus Teatro -Mexico), Marta Ruiz (Adradanza -Colombia), Sara Simeoni (Carolyn Carlson company), Susanne Linke (Susanne Linke company-Germany), Vladimir Olshansky (Circo del Sol and Viceversa Visual Theatre Russia/Italy), Patrizia Cavola and Iván Truol (Atacama -Italy/Chile), Enrique Vargas (Teatro de los Sentidos -Colombia), Kalamandaman Karunakaran (India), Irene Habib (Israel), Claudia Contin and Ferruccio Merisi (Scuola Sperimentale dell'attore-Italia), Raul Iaiza (Regula Contra Regulam - Italy/Argentina), Keiin Yoshimura (Kamigatamaitomonokai), Vaishali Trivedi ( Kadam School/ India), Darpana Company (India).

She participated in the 2014 edition of the Venice Biennale of Dance accompanying on stage the master Kejin Yoshimura.

She is part of the cast of the play "Stand" al Mondo, Senza "l Mondo" directed by Raul Iaiza, a co-production Regula contra Regulam and Grotowski Institute and of "White bird" directed by Keiin Yoshimura, a co-production of Kamigatamaitomonokai and Residui Teatro.

She conducts workshops and courses for people with functional diversity. She has given courses and workshops for people with and without functional diversity in Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

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