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Open Call Result Frankfurt

We are happy to announce the selected company for our art intervention in the frame of the International Wom*n Festival in Frankfurt! We received many interesting and beautiful applications and want to thank all applicants - we are sorry that the project cannot support all.

After careful deliberation we decided to select the following company:


by Kollektiv KLAUS

Performative installation in public space

A shiny silvery object lands in a public place. A sculpture, an amoeba, a respiratory organ, an alien body, a mirror, a being? At first, all that can be seen is a large structure that keeps deforming. After a sequence of suggestive forms and deformations, the performers emerge from the moving shell. A relationship game unfolds in the field of tension of physical and social possibilities. Islands of togetherness in the middle of the everyday flow of isolated navigating individuals. Cells of connection that inform, infect and transform the perception of the body of the city and its inhabitants. Proximity and women’s power as subversion and activism in times of polarisation, division and still prevailing patriarchy. Episodically, the casual or invited audience experiences danced encounters, stories, playful or cathartic moments at and around the table.

  • Kollektiv KLAUS: Anne Mégier, Ella Necker, Emma James, Gabi Seeleitner, Hannah Zauner, Julia Riederer and Manuela Deac.

  • Sound: Julian Siffert

The performance will take place at Opernplatz in central Frankfurt on the 23rd of September at 6 pm.

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