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Open Call Result: Art Intervention Granada II

We are happy to announce the selected company for our art intervention in the frame of the Festival del Rinconcillo in Granada! We received many interesting and beautiful applications and want to thank all applicants - we are sorry that the project cannot support all.

After careful deliberation we decided to select the following company:

Tierras Posibles

by Brote Clown

Where we come from

We come from a poetic vision of Clown born from the experience developed in the International Clown School "El Semillero" and in different workshops of physical theatre and clowning, some of them developed within the frame of the European project "Common Ground".  We have ended up in the creation of a clown company whose first show, "Tierras Posibles", was born under the framework of thhis European project and it is in constant development.


Where we go

We are moved by the connection with the spectator, active and essential element of our Clown, so that through the masks, the dynamics of our bodies in movement and the brightness of the nose. Those passions and sensations are transmitted and with it a transforming message is produced.


Synopsis of the show

In a dystopian future with three different situations, a group of clowns will try to survive these different worlds from the innocence and magic of the red nose.

Various masked beings will put them in trouble so that they cannot advance in their objectives and live in their world of illusion and madness.


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